Summer Vibes – Flare Jeans, Sleeveless Blazer & Straw Hat

The 70’s trend is quite nice, but I must say that flare jeans don’t mean the 70’s for me. The 90’s, more like. Everybody wore flares in the 90’s, at least where I grew up.


Stripes & Denim

This denim coat won my attention. I’ve never seen anything quite like it – not an ordinary denim jacket, but a long coat. Extremely practical, I must say. It’s only denim, so it fits for a casual outfit and can be worn to almost any occasion, but it looks much more special than…

The Perfect Coat for Mid-Season

A longline, double breasted pea coat is the perfect coat for me. The long, clean lines create a slimmer figure. It even makes you look taller, in case you’re interested.

All-White Outfit & Black Clutch Purse

What is he difference between a total-something outfit and just wearing everything in the same color because “it fits nicely together”? Call me a sartorial snob, but there is a difference.

My Inner Style – Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Stripes & Brogues

Tailored trousers, elegant blazers and heels as high and delicate as flower stems are all fine they make me feel as if I was clad in armor. The same look minus the heels – and I feel chic and relaxed.

Trends Day – Boyfriend Shirt, Culottes & Silver Heels

Many fashion bloggers wear culottes on their blogs, but I barely see them in the streets. The web is full of hate speech that attacks them, so, no wonder, LOL. It’s a shame, really. After succumbing to the trend, I found them wonderfully comfortable, and, if worn in the right way, quite elegant. And no, you don’t have to be a model to wear them – me being the proof.

Pastel Classics – Blue Blazer, Stripes & Heels

If heels aren’t part of my personal style because I cannot wear them every day, then a factory worker, toiling away in dingy workwear while dreaming of a pretty dream dress, has no personal style at all.