Lightly Layered – Printed Tee, Sleeveless Blazer & Trainers

It always seems that the weather is either too cold or too hot, and a perfectly layered outfit is something you only see in fashion magazines.


My Inner Style – Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Stripes & Brogues

Tailored trousers, elegant blazers and heels as high and delicate as flower stems are all fine they make me feel as if I was clad in armor. The same look minus the heels – and I feel chic and relaxed.

4 Ways to Wear a Black Midi Dress

The simplicity is what makes this dress so versatile! It must be made of a relatively simple, stretchy fabric. Not silk – it will not do for a casual outfit. Preferably not ribbed knit – not too elegant, though great for casual and office outfits.