Elegant Summer – Sleeveless Blazer, Shorts & Yellow Pumps

By the way, did you notice that weird color combinations look quite alright if you go for pastel hues? Something to remember.



Stripes & Denim

This denim coat won my attention. I’ve never seen anything quite like it – not an ordinary denim jacket, but a long coat. Extremely practical, I must say. It’s only denim, so it fits for a casual outfit and can be worn to almost any occasion, but it looks much more special than…


Pastel Classics – Blue Blazer, Stripes & Heels

If heels aren’t part of my personal style because I cannot wear them every day, then a factory worker, toiling away in dingy workwear while dreaming of a pretty dream dress, has no personal style at all.


Striped Tee & Midi Skirt in Olive

The striped tee, like an eternal sartorial Superman, will always come to the rescue, but beware of extremely broad stripes. We don’t want the wasp / escaped prisoner look – too extravagant.